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Local: Brasil – Home office - preferência SP/MG/GO



Position: Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer


Skills/ Responsibilities:




  • A Ruby backed API that servers millions of requests per month to our community;
  • Internal tools built with Ruby on Rails that support the management and processing of our data;
  • Non-web environments such as ETL processes built with Ruby and Sidekiq to support the client dashboards deployment process;
  • React based Single Page Applications that render complex data visualizations using tools like D3.js;
  • Small internal services where you can learn about new technologies. This includes an on-demand chart generator written in Go and a notification service built with Elixir.
  • From crowdsourced data collection, to image/video processing and visualisation, you'll be working on some interesting technical challenges.
  • You will be helping us scale our systems as we increase the data collection streams.
  • You’ll be joining an experienced and friendly team of engineers, building a new generation of research and data analysis tools.
  • You’ll be using Ruby and JavaScript on a daily basis and dabbling with Elixir and Python.





  • You have a strong understanding of Ruby and Rails ( at least 4 years of experience).
  • You have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming/
  • You have good knowledge of relational databases. We use PostgresSQL.
  • You write tested code - from acceptance tests to unit tests.
  • You have the ability to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system.
  • You have a huge drive to get something shipped.



  • Nice to have:Experience with non-Rails frameworks like Sinatra or Hanami.
  • Experience with building and designing GraphQL APIs.
  • Knowledge of the React ecosystem. It is a big part of our frontend.
  • Knowledge of other technologies we are currently using: Kafka, ElasticSearch, Redis, Docker, Elixir, Node and Go



Wages: entre R$ 18.000,00 até R$ 22.000,00 PJ

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