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About Intricately:

Intricately is the leading provider of data insights on cloud product usage, adoption, and spend. The platform delivers real-time intelligence to cloud vendors to prospect and prioritize opportunities, start better conversations with customers, deliver more wins, and help customer success teams identify issues before they become problems. Founded in 2014, Intricately is proudly backed by Counterpart Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Singtel Innov8, and Susa Ventures.

Engineering at Intricately:

Many companies talk about Big Data- we're actually living it! How would you model cloud/infrastructure spend for the Fortune 500? How would you collect this data? How would you track variations in this dataset? What's noise vs signal? What's the most efficient way to query 30mm+ Internet Gateways? How do you create a front-end to surface insights for customers so they can get the information they need and get on with their day? Intricately engineering is focused on solving these challenges every day. Got strong opinions on the topic? We'd love to hear them.

About the role:

We are looking for a talented back end engineer with deep Ruby on Rails expertise. Your primary responsibilities will be to design and develop software while improving processes and overall quality, and providing technical mentorship to the team. Your commitment to collaborative problem solving, design, and shipping high quality software will make you an invaluable asset at Intricately.



In the short term, you will:

  • Steer technical conversations and help your team prioritize technical debt;
  • Partner with product management, design, and customer success to create clear product specifications and set expectations about deliveries;
  • Improve existing documentation and create new documentation for your team.

In the long term, you will:

  • Lead product feature design, development and deployment efforts;
  • Empower your fellow engineers with repeatable, scalable process by writing clear engineering specification;
  • Mentor junior developers, leveling up the team's expertise;
  • Potentially lead a team.


  • AT LEAST 5 years of professional experience building applications on an engineering team.
  • Strong written and verbal English communication
  • Deep expertise with Ruby and Rails
  • Strong SQL skills
  • Experience deploying and operating a Rails (or similar) web application
  • High level of comfort with Git
  • High level of comfort with Linux / bash
  • Knack for writing expressive and readable code
  • Ability to articulate software design principles and best practices
  • A CS (or similar) degree is preferred.

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