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Descrição da vaga:

We are looking for a mid-level Software Developer to be part of our team in Porto Alegre. Together with your peers, you will be responsible for the technical design, implementation and code quality of the systems you're assigned to work on.

You will work on all aspects of software development and throughout the development lifecycle, from writing and designing new software to maintaining existing code bases. This involves upgrading, refactoring and diagnosing reported issues. At Avidity we take quality seriously, so testing and validation is a natural part of any development that we do.

You’ll be working in conjunction with a team of developers and infrastructure engineers based in Porto Alegre, our development team based in Sweden, as well as our client’s team. Your ability to work with remote teams is essential, as is fluency in English.

You'll have the opportunity to

  • Develop and maintain the code for Avidity’s projects;
  • Peer review code;
  • Add tests to existing code and write testable code;
  • Understand the customer's needs and encourage discussions to resolve problems or realise ideas;
  • Participate in supporting other team members and projects the team owns via pair programming and technical discussions.

About our technologies

Some of the technologies our team are working now are Ruby, Python, C#/.NET, JavaScript/node.js, some hosted in VPSes, others at AWS or GCP. Other examples of technologies used are PostgreSQL, ZeroMQ messaging queue, ElasticSEarch, Redis, Docker and Kubernetes.

At Avidity we appreciate varied technical backgrounds and we are curious about technologies in general. We do not shy away from labbing, experimenting and learning things that are new to us. We believe that this mindset makes us better suitable to adapt to the needs our customers have.

What we offer

  • Work with a multicultural team (daily contact with tech teams in another country, exercising and improving the skills of working remotely, in contact with other cultures besides the practice of the English language);
  • 50% sponsorship for courses and training;
  • Flexible holidays;
  • Bonuses for referring new colleagues;
  • Health insurance (Unimed) and dental insurance (Uniodonto);
  • Constant feedback and development reviews;
  • Career plan;
  • Autonomy and direct influence on the results of our projects;
  • Work with talented, collaborative and friendly people who love what they do.

We are a Swedish-Brazilian company specialising in software development. We have been operating in the European market for 8 years and have contributed to tech teams in several ways.

We offer a dynamic work environment with offices located in Brazil and Sweden. Our team is made up of talented people with varied technical backgrounds. We are collaborative, technical and fun.

Diversity policy

Differences are valued and respected, people are considered regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.

## Avidity:

We are a Swedish-Brazilian company specialising in software development. We have been operating in the European market for 8 years and have contributed to tech teams in several ways.

Our small, multi tech team helps companies deliver software for industries such as finance, online learning, multinational companies, digital agencies and software houses.

Veja mais no siteHabilidades:

  • C#
  • Python
  • Ruby


Porto Alegre


  • Fluency in English (debating subjects, understanding requirements, suggesting improvements and ideas);
  • At least 3 years of professional programming experience in Ruby, Python, C# or a similar language;
  • Web development technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS;
  • Understanding of web application architecture;
  • Understanding of how things are connected, the whys and whats;
  • Automated tests;
  • Git usage;
  • Agile development;
  • Enjoy what you are doing.


  • Learning sponsorship
  • Anywhere office
  • Flexible holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Career plan
  • Referral bonus

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