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Mid Senior/Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

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About the job:

We are looking for Mid Senior and Senior Ruby on Rails developers. On this project, you will be part of a Silicon Valley startup that deals with a big amount of data to build real-time dashboards. So you'll need to work and also suggest improvements to the data architecture of the application. We expect you to create a well-organized Rails project following all the best practices from the industry. If you have more questions about the job, feel free to reach us, we're welcome to answer your questions.

Must have:

- Ruby on Rails: 4+ years of experience

- Good knowledge of automated tests

About the company:

We are a software development company focused on Financial products that help businesses to create/maintain great products to support their business. We are focused on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript and most of our clients are from North America and Europe. For this position, you're gonna work for a company of the Silicon Valley.

We believe that code quality is extremely important to create a successful project in the long term and we value crafting beautiful UIs. We value a peaceful work environment and we don't expect developers to work more than 8 hours/day. Also, weekends are to have fun and to relax.

We are a remote-only company, so we expect you to feel comfortable working from home/coworkings.

How to apply:

Please send an email to with your Github, Linkedin, and a brief description of you.